Race Day

Race Day Guide

For those of you who are new and wanting to understand what a race day looks like, below is some important information so you are prepared and know what to expect:

  • All race entries must be done before race day from the online booking system through the website.
  • The track is accessible from 9.30am and racing continues until about 4pm. Park your car in the correct spot in the car park and not on the grass. The track only take 10-15 minutes to setup, then it is open for practice from 9.45am - 10:40am.
  • We hold a drivers briefing at 10:45am just before racing starts at 11am sharp. We remind drivers about racing etiquette and any information about upcoming events. Questions are most welcome at this briefing - no such thing as a dumb question.
  • The format we run for race days is typically 3 heats and 3 finals. The faster two of the your heats will set your grid starting position for your first finals. The remaining two finals is the reverse grid based on your previous result.
  • Races are 7 minutes in duration and the track opens up 2 minutes before the race begins.
  • You are required to marshal, straight after your heat or final, even if you didn't race because your car has broken down the race before. You must wear the hi-vis jacket while at your marshal post, remain there until the race is over and when all cars are past your marshal post.
  • During the day, our timing system runs the race meet and makes announcements during the race as required.
  • All race results are immediately available on the website and the printouts will be posted up within the pit area.
  • The winner of the race day is based on your best two results from the three finals.
  • The lunch is 40 minutes long. Bring you own food and drinks with you but the Eco Centre has got a cafe if you would purchase something.
  • At the end of the day we ask that racers help pack up the equipment which usually takes no more than 10 minutes.