A transponder in RC racing is a small electronic device that is installed in your RC car to help track your lap times during races and practices. It plays a crucial role in providing insights into your performance and allows you to compare your times with others.

Each transponder is assigned a unique seven-digit number, which is used to identify your car during races.

RC4 Hybrid transponder

The brand you need is a "MYLAPS" transponders.

The RC4 Hybrid (2 wire) transponder is compatible with all MYLAPS timing systems and this is the one that we would recommend.

There are is a number of sites online which you can purchase this from like Herts RC Models, Speedhive Shop and Modeltune.

We do not recommend getting a MRT Transponder, this is NOT compatible with our timing systems.

Transponder Guide

We do not currently have any handouts. You can run without one, but you won't be able to keep track of your times.

All racers responsibility to ensure a compatible transponder is fitted and working correctly.

See our Race Fees for more information.

Practice: There will be almost 2 hours of open practice. This is a great time to get familiar with the track and test out your car.

Heats: There will be 3 rounds of qualifying, with the best 2 heats counting towards your final qualifying position.

Finals: There will be 3 rounds of finals, with the best 2 finals counting toward your overall final position. Final 2 and 3 is reverse grid based on your previous result.

Each heat and final is 7 minutes long with a 2-minute warm-up before the race begins.

Championship: The championship will be a single championship, with mixed e-Buggy and nitro buggy classes. Points will be awarded based on your best 8 out of the 11 rounds.

Yes, we have practice sessions on request on a Saturday and Sunday (except on club race days).

This is ONLY open to members who take part in races.

All we ask is you respect the facilities and track for the continued enjoyment of all members at the club.

No, there is power available for everyone on race day. You just need is your own charger.

Yes, there are toilets at the Ecos Centre main building where the cafe is located.

Yes, our club generally races rain or shine, as long as the conditions are safe for both participants and equipment. However, in the event of extreme rain or if the track becomes full of puddles, racing may be cancelled for safety reasons.

We've installed a water sump to help manage water on the track, but if conditions become too hazardous, we may need to postpone or cancel racing until the track is safe again.

We'll promptly inform our members of any cancellations via our Facebook page and private WhatsApp group.

Yes, we are affiliated to the BRCA (British Radio Car Association) and require all racers to be members, even if they are helping in the pits/marshalling but are not racing.

You can find membership details here on our BRCA Membership for more information.

Yes - always marshal, straight after your heat or final, even if you didn't race because your car has broken down the race before.

Make sure you are at one of the marshal posts when the 2 minutes warm-up begins before the race starts. Don't forget your hi-vis and gloves if there are nitro cars in the race, so you don't burn your hand on the hot exhaust.

See our How to Marshal guide for more information.

No, we try to accommodate every ability and would put you with other beginners wherever possible.

See our Membership for more information.

The gate will be open from 9.30am with the track accessiable for open practice until a drivers briefing at 10.45am. Racing starts at 11am sharp.

Yes, the club has got several pit benches which is limited and will be first come first served - please try and bring your own pitting table.

Yes, club members have the option to purchase fuel directly from the club.

The brand we stock is Racing Experience HOT FIRE Fuel 25% which comes in a 5 litre bottle.

The club has a policy of not storing fuel at the track due to safety concerns. Advanced warming is needed when a member requires more fuel.