Welcome to our radio control car club! Here's a breakdown of the exciting classes we currently race on our off-road track:

1/8th Nitro Buggy / eBuggy

Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of racing these high-performance off-road machines. Whether you prefer the roar of a nitro engine or the smooth power delivery of an electric motor, our eBuggy class promises thrilling competition for all skill levels.

1/8th Nitro Truggy / eTruggy

Take on the challenges of our off-road track with these rugged and versatile vehicles. Whether you're piloting a nitro-powered beast or an electric powerhouse, our eTruggy class offers intense racing action and plenty of opportunities to showcase your driving skills.

Please note that we do not accommodate 1/10th or 1/5th scale vehicles on our track at this time.

As the season progresses, we'll be hosting championship events almost every two weeks, culminating in an epic finale at the end of the championship. Trophies await the champions who rise to the top of our fiercely competitive races, so come join us and vie for your chance at glory on the track!